It will also stir up yours, because I saw you in my dream!
I also saw a beautiful person whispering something in your ear, and you were clearly smiling. I stood next to hear what he was saying, and I heard him say words of love to you. “I like you” !
As usual, I take this dream very, very seriously, since I have premonitory dreams quite regularly.
Who is this person? Do you really know him? When is he going to confess his feelings to you precisely?

I did a tarot reading today about you and here are the results:

Lessons from the draw
Your print doesn’t really leave any doubt about your temperament and your character. You are a person on a mission, with an energy and enthusiasm that many envy you. Always motivated by the idea of ​​moving forward, you are able to deploy monumental energy to achieve goals as quickly as possible. Furthermore, it is difficult for you to understand the attitude of those close to you who agree to settle into the routine. On your side, it is towards the future that your gaze is relentlessly pointing.
The drawing of the Star and Queen of Denier card from your tarot cards testifies to a powerful desire for evolution, which will be more evident in your sentimental life than in your professional life. In March, therefore, expect to take the bull by the horns and try to solve these emotional problems that sometimes weigh on your spirits. If you are in a relationship, joint projects will be preferred. You are single ? Great energy will facilitate the exchange and increase your chances of meeting.

the eye of the tarologist
Like the other arcana dressed in the Tarot de Marseille, the Queen of Denarius is the symbol of an archetype of person. For the love life of the one who consults, it can mean that a woman will cross her path soon, a mature and confident woman who can play a major role in her development. As independent as she is loving, this Queen of Denier will provide the consultant with all the well-being and security he needs to feel fulfilled. So the arcanum will be particularly positive for its development and balance.

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